From The Shopper News, New Jersey:


Local acts way to ‘NYPD Blue’ fame


By Rebecca Koetting

Managing Editor


            HAWTHORNE—Pete Davida, an ex con and murder suspect on next Tuesday


night’s episode of NYPD Blue, might look familiar to residents.  The part is being played


by Fulvio Cecere, of the Hawthorne High School Class of 1978.


            Though Cecere currently resides in Canada, he still maintains close ties to the


borough, where his parents call Diamond Bridge Avenue home.


            “My roots run deep in Hawthorne,” he said.  “I visit as often as I can.  Many of


my friends still live in the area.”


Cecere caught the acting bug at age 23 and has since held roles


in dozens of TV shows and movies.  He said he was thrilled to


get the role on NYPD Blue.


            “Knowing that you are on the set of one of the most


successful and respected shows is inspiring.  It validates what I


Photo courtesy of Wanstram & Assoc.   am doing, “ he said.  “Emmy-winning producers are very


demanding so it’s great that they thought highly enough of me to have me on the show.”


            “The director, John Hyams, was great to work with as well as co-stars Charlotte


Ross (Det. Connie McDowell) and Jacqueline Obradors (Det. Rita Ortiz),”  Cecere


added.  “the whole experience was memorable.”


            The episode, titled “Off The Wall”, is scheduled to run on April 8 at 9 p.m. on


Channel 7.


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